Interview with djRom (Joe Pardo)

Posted: May 13, 2014 in Interviews

Adventurtorium is a cd that takes Disney’s Pixar up, and music from other iconic Disney movies. To recreate the story of Disney’s Pixar up. Here today I got to interview Joe Pardo aka djRom. Hope you guys enjoy this interview.

How did you get started in music and then become a DJ? 

Growing up I always had an attraction to music. I would mess around on pianos whenever one was available. I didn’t have any formal training in music.  However, I did receive piano lessons from my aunt when I was younger.  In 5th grade, I played saxophone in a school band and enjoyed it enough to continue through 6th grade. 

During my middle school years, I started to branch out my musical tastes beyond rock and roll (adopted from my parents), and the pop music I heard on the radio. With the internet, I found that trance music was really what I enjoyed listening to. Though for me it didn’t stop there, I started to find some of my favorite bands were in Progressive Rock as well, like Yes, Dream Theater and Transatlantic.

DJing was something I always found fascinating. I listened to the night time radio DJs playing live at the clubs and I really loved making mix tapes of the pop music remixes they played. What I enjoyed most about DJs is that they were playing versions of the song that were unlike what what could be heard on the radio throughout the day. I really fell in love with exposing people to music that they had never heard before.

DJing is really something that I only flirted briefly with my freshman year of high school. My grandmother got an all in one DJ set for christmas for me, and I really loved it but I didn’t know how to really do the mixing I wanted to do. Nor did I have the music collection on CD (mp3s, sure) but I wasn’t willing to burn CDs, yet.

For me, DJing would take a back seat all the way until my senior year of high school when a local underage club opened up. I was able to get close with the owners and employees there and that opened a door for me that I never had a chance to experience before. I got to learn how to DJ from other local DJs, I got to learn about promoting and the rigors of networking.

Why a Disney themed record for your first album?

I’ve wanted to do a story themed mashup album for a long time, taking a cue from one of my idol’s DJP ( I’ve loved Disney, ever since I was little kid, and I really love the community built around it! I have made so many friends over the years through the various meet ups at Disney World! So, when it was suggested to me by my friends at to do a Disney music mix it made perfect sense to finally put a story to my mashups.

Why did you choose the storyline of up?

I didn’t want to do a musical movie, so it more or less left me with Pixar films. There is no two ways about it, I love the movie Up! So when it came time to make a list of movies that I would use for this mix it made the most sense to me (ok, maybe I’m a little biased).  From a storytelling aspect it gave me, what I felt at the time, the most to work with as far as audio goes.

Why did you pick that name for the title of the CD

Well, I had a few different names I was toying with, but nothing really stuck out to me. A big part of what made Adventurtorium work was the fact that when I did a google search only one search result came up. I wanted this mix to be easy to find on the internet, and I just happened to get lucky.

Why did you choose Give Kids the World? 

My friends at chose Give Kids the World as their charity for their running team. When, I found out what they were all about, I knew that I wanted to tie this project to their charity by donating as much as I could raise for them! The added bonus is their financial responsibility is fantastic, and the fact that the money is going where it’s supposed to is very important to me.

Do you have any other Disney creations coming up in the future and or what are your future plans? 

I do have another Disney project in the works, but I’ve been very busy with Adventurtorium just coming out on CD as well as creating t-shirts.   

I’m gearing up for Adventurtorium Live, which happens August 2. It is going to be an online video stream of Adventurtorium that will be performed live! There will be live musical guests for opening acts, as well as performances during the show! We will also be raising money for Give Kids the World during that event!

I’m also starting my own podcast called Dreamers Podcast, where I interview people who either live their dreams, or have inspirational stories to help inspire others’ to live their dreams! 

You can follow all this and more at my website

Thank you for interviewing me! I’d like to leave your readers with this, I’ve learned over the years that if you want to do something, do it. Don’t let anything get in your way, and especially now with tools like Youtube to teach you nearly anything you want to know. Don’t get in the way of yourself, push your limits.

Adventurtorium is out now for FREE!! That’s right FREE!! Also remember that you can also buy a collector’s edition CD and portion of the proceeds will go to give kids the world. Please visit the website to get this amazing CD too benefit the kids

Posted by Mike Hackett

  1. Gail Sajko says:

    Nicely done, Mike!! I like the fact that he is helping kids.

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